Welcome to Watch Truth Videos, a live-streaming alternative for truth seekers everywhere!

PLEASE CHECKOUT THE NEW ARCHIVED VIDEO WEBSITE channels-list.com or BillGatesWantsToKillUs.com same thing just many names for it.

YouTube and other video platforms have been censoring truth, removing videos and terminating channels. I made TROO.TUBE for people to be able to watch truth videos that other sites don't want around, as well as a place for people to upload their own videos.

Mostly this website plays videos uploaded to youtube by truth seekers from all over the world. We all believe lies on some level, the purpose of seeking truth is to not believe so many lies and to know facts and have a solid foundation in life based on truth.

We all can fall prey to deception in our truth journey, what we can do is build our discernment skills from the experience we gain along the truth journey trip to not be deceived again.

I personally like to learn through the eyes of another truther, instead of through the eyes of an agent against humanity or a satanic khaballah wizard sellout. It's a great way to learn and stay strong and be safe.

The purpose of this website is to expose evil and help people to learn the truth in this world of lies. Checkout the live-streams below or the main site TROO.TUBE, to learn about how these rulers that be, operate in plain sight.

Hard to believe that there are people who want to stop this ministry and instead want to help the satanic pedophiles to rule their lives.

Please also checkout StopLookThink.com and 153news.net These websites have a lot of good info you should look into.

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So far I've spent $40k and 3 years working on this tirelessly, in order to bring this video platform to fruition.

SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY ❤️ Every dollar helps me to keep this project going. You can email me if you prefer to send check or give me cash in person. I appreciate your help! Instead of me working a day job and helping them kill people. I prefer to go to the street with my signs that say "TELEVISION IS A MASS MIND CONTROL WEAPON" and "DONT TAKE THE MARK 666" If you appreciate what I'm doing please help me to make ends meet with your donation to my ministry. I dont care about money but still need it to live sadly.

I hope this website helps you to learn the truth, which is absolute, not relative. If you allow the knowledge to poor into your brain though the time you spend watching the videos, you will gain wisdom and understanding and sharpen your discernment skills.

send email to cloudsbehindthesun@gmail.com

LIST OF CHANNELS https://data.troo.tube/videos/channels.html (there is a link to the youtube channel, where you can sub and get notified when they upload more videos)

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